Undergloves – get a dealer offers!

What is undergloves? It’s product, which not have analogues and can help for all people who work in gloves. According to statistics, about 15% of people who working in gloves, suffer from a hands disease. Allergies, dermatitis, molasses, itching – this is not a complete list of diseases resulting from the work in rubber gloves. Undergloves have a special structure and made from knitted natural bamboo fibers, which have unique properties. For more information on the problems and options for solutions here.

Who’s the dealer? Dealer – a legal entity that buys wholesale products of our company, and sells it at retail or small wholesale in the its region. Dealer undertakes timely and regular order, and pay for the products, according to the signed contract.

Scope – cosmetology, dentistry, general medicine, cleaning, food, driving, leisure, sports, household.

Requirements for the dealer:

  • Trading firm.
  • Legalization of goods.
  • Minimum order of 500 pairs per month range.
  • Official imports.
  • Presentation of goods at exhibitions.
  • Work in a certain segment of the market (dentistry, medicine, cosmetics, sports, etc.).

We will provide you with:

  • The necessary documents for legalization and official imports.
  • Advertising and design.
  • Joint action, promotion and tests.
  • Free samples.
  • Dealership in several countries or areas of application.
  • And special price.

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