Handy boo


Company Contact Handy consists of specialists with many years experience of working with people who use the gloves daily. We have a deal with producers and consumers, also know and understand the problems of each. When we communicated with our clients, we often heard about their difficulties and problems which they faced.

Using this information, we have developed and proposed an innovative product. Innovating not just about
its properties, but in its very structure. The basic idea of our offer – a thin, seamless, knitted gloves made from natural bamboo fibers. We have developed a series of gloves for different applications, and gathered them under one brand – HANDYboo.

Our mission it’s make the work in gloves healthy and comfortable

Created undergloves made of natural bamboo fiber is a good idea to solve the problems people who work in gloves. Various specialists work gloves, not only dentists, cosmetologists or doctors. We have tried to accommodate all desires for different applications. So there were 6 different models. And we’re still open to improvement and introduction for new models.