Main office

Company Name:        LLC Contact Handy
Trade Mark:                HANDYboo
Country/Region:        Ukraine, Kiev
Address:                       Room 76, No 62, Pravdy Avenue
Zip/Post Code:            04108
Cell Phone:                 +38 096 467 88 37
Product Manager       Sergey Lebedev


If you want to become a dealer trade Handy Boo,
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Company Name:        ChemFine International Co., Ltd.
Country/Region:        China, Wuxi
Address:                      Room 417, No.99,Qingyang Road
Zip/Post Code:            214023
Cell Phone:                 +86-510-8505 2663
Product Manager      Andy Cheng

Production technology, design, brand “Handy Boo”
are the property of the company LLC Contact Handy Ukraine.