Problems and solutions


Hands sweat in rubber gloves, and with the secretions of the sebaceous and sweat glands in the skin surface emerge microbe.

As a result after working in rubber gloves we get: allergies, swelling, dry skin of hands, cracks in the skin, nail problems, dermatitis, eczema.

Are you having problems after working in rubber gloves? This temporarily. Take care about it in advance.

Every time, when you wear gloves, your hands is in a closed, airless, almost hermetically environment. Overdried skin, excessive sweating of hands, the risk of infection – how to avoid this? Internet have a many various recommendations: a moisturizing cream, baby powder, wear cloth gloves under rubber gloves, but all from this no perfect! Today there is a high risk for skin of hands which working in rubber gloves. Not one manufacturer of gloves doesn’t offer solutions for elimination this problem. Our mission is to do the work in the gloves healthy and comfortable.



Our offer for you a thin, seamless, knitted gloves, which must be worn under rubber gloves!

We called them – UNDERGLOVES

They knit such a method that the moisture spreads across the surface of the fabric. These principle of operation is the same as that of thermal underwear. Some models not have the fingertips it’s retains the high sensitivity on the fingers end. It is important for dentists, cosmetologists.
But this is not the most important! These under gloves are made from natural bamboo fibers. Namely bamboo fiber makes undergloves unique.